Cerita sejarah gunung tangkuban perahu dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita sejarah gunung tangkuban perahu dalam bahasa inggris – Here is the legend, history, origin, myth Tangkuban Perahu. In the past, a kingdom in West Java, there lived a princess named Dayang Sumbi and his only child, Sangkuriang. The little boy who love to hunt in the forest. When hunting Sangkuriang always accompanied by a dog named Tumang faithful. Actually, it is the incarnation of the god and Tumang father Sangkuriang. But keep it a secret from her mother Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang.

Cerita sejarah gunung tangkuban perahu dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita sejarah gunung tangkuban perahu dalam bahasa inggris

Once upon a time, accompanied by Tumang, Sangkuriang hunt a bird in the forest. With careful and observant, Sangkuriang took aim. And his aim was the bird. Tumang Sangkuriang then ordered to take the bird. But Tumang refused. Sangkuriang became upset over Tumang tantrum. Thus, kicked the dog hard. Treated as such by his master, Tumang go deep into the woods and never come back again.

Sangkuriang are still smarting home. At home, he recounted the incident to his mother. But rather than sorry with what happened to his only child, Dayang Sumbi even anger. Then, with fury, Dayang Sumbi throwing rice ladle. Sangkuriang being angry was gone from the house for ever. When his anger subsided, Dayang Sumbi sorry for what he had told Sangkuriang. But, all already.

Myth Tangkuban Perahu, Dayang Sumbi prayed to the gods to be reunited with his son. His prayer was heard the gods celestial inhabitants. Dayang Sumbi given eternal youth and beauty, even more beautiful than before.

Years later, Sangkuriang who have wandered across the earth decides to return to his hometown. Once there, Sangkuriang surprised that things have changed. He added was surprised when on the road met a woman who is none other than Lady Sumbi. Seeing beauty Sumbi Dayang, Sangkuriang proposed. Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang also accepting applications. Both agreed to marry in the near future.


Sangkuriang craze has not gone hunting. Because, Sangkuriang want to hunt in the woods just before marriage. Then Sangkuriang asked his girlfriend Dayang Sumbi to tighten the headband. So Dayang Sumbi see Sangkuriang head, he jerked see Sangkuriang head injuries. After asking about the cause Sangkuriang head injuries, Dayang Sumbi added surprise. It was true, her husband is his only child who goes first.

Dayang Sumbi confused. Upon their return, Sangkuriang of hunting, Dayang Sumbi try to explain the issue. However, it only considered the wind and by Sangkuriang. Dayang Sumbi was thinking how to make their marriage failed.

For days, Dayang Sumbi think, finally found a way too. He also met Sangkuriang.

“Dear future husband, Sangkuriang, do you still want to marry me?”

“Of course, Dayang Sumbi, beautiful future wife.”

“Then, I would like to address two requirements if you still want to marry me.”

“Any requirement from you?”

Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang to stem Citarum river and make a boat to cross. Both of these conditions must be before dawn. Sangkuriang undertakes it. Then, Sangkuriang work immediately assisted by his friends from the nation lelembut and jinn. Sangkuriang and his friends worked very quickly. Two terms of Dayang Sumbi nearly so soon.

Dayang Sumbi were seen to be anxious. However, he was not losing my mind. He asked for help from the public around to hold a red silk fabric on the east and wake roosters that crow. So that night atmosphere turns into dawn atmosphere.

When the roosters start crowing, Sangkuriang looking east. The clouds began to look rosy, sign daybreak. Sangkuriang had stopped work because they felt had failed to qualify Dayang Sumbi.

Sangkuriang who upset then destroy the dam that has made his own. The village was submerged due to the dam water. Then, Sangkuriang was kicking his homemade boat until the boat was upside down. The boat then became a mountain named Tangkuban Perahu. The mountain is now a tourist spot of the myth Tangkuban Perahu.

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