Cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris – Di saat liburan sekolah terkadang kita tidak hanya menghabiskan waktu yang sia-sia, dari pihak sekolah biasanya memberikan tugas karya tulis ataupun membuat artikel untuk obyek wisata yang kita kunjungi. Dalam postingan kali ini saya akan memberikan contoh artikel cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris di Bali atau dalam bahasa inggris nya ” Holiday in Bali”

Holiday in Bali

It was Thursday evening. We were ready to have a journey to Bali island. There were 4 buses, full of students. Every bus had 5 teachers as the coordinators to take care of students.


We left Jember around 8 p.m. The buses moved slowly to Ketapang harbour. We arrived there around 1 a.m. After that, we set out to Bali Island by ferry.

We arrived in Gilimanuk harbour an hour later. The journey was continued to Tabanan. We reached Tabanan at 6 a.m. The teachers and students had a chance to pray Subuh.

On the first day in Bali, we had breakfast and took a bath in Kertalangu. After that we went shopping in Cahayu and Sukawati. We prayed Jum’at at Puja Mandala where there are 5 religious places laid there. There are a mosque, a church, a monastery, and a shrine that are built in one area. Then we continued our tour to Tanjung Benoa and Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). We watched Kecak dance. We were happy to watch them dancing powerfully live.

The second day we spend the morning at Sanur Beach. We planned to enjoy sunrise. But, unfortunately the cloud blocked the sun. So we couldn’t see the sunrise. We left Sanur and dropped in Joger. Joger is a place that we can some famous souvenir. Then we continued to Bedugul to enjoy Beratan Lake. After that we spent the whole afternoon in Tanah Lot. But once more we were disappointed. The cloud hindered the sun, so we couldn’t see the sunset.

Finally, our tour finished. We went back to Jember on Saturday night. We were very tired, but we were still happy enough because we enjoy Bali island without any disturbance.

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